Xocus is an independent VR / AR product developer with employees around the world. Our goal is to become one of the largest virtual reality developers in the international market
Exciting first-person VR racing game with realistic physics and control mechanics. Compete for in-ring races with other pilots in asynchronous multiplayer and enjoy the view from the cockpit at high speed!
Presentiment of Death is a fast-paced story-driven adventure of intuitive and aesthetic archery with an unusual passage of time
You're a regular guy, just trying to survive, but now you're in debt to the Mob. In order to save your hide, you'll need to partake in Street Fights. Prepare to Knuckle UP!
Сaptivating VR journey where you wield the power to dictate the ebb and flow of battle. Summon your enigmatic guardians of the woods with a magical hand to face the challenges. Conjure spells, dive into the magic world and reclaim your rightful place on the throne!
Z-Race is a zero-gravity, VR racing game packed with atomic physics, spectacular effects, and innovative gameplay mechanics!
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